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Carnival 2001 - Wild West

A Personal Reflection

Indian_What a wonderful community this is. More houses than ever, it seemed, were decorated with bunting, balloons or something more extravagant. Of many potential winners of the rose bowls, donated by the LBO the winners were 103 High St, Eaton Bray and 54 The Pastures, Edlesborough. Well done everyone and thank you.

Perhaps as many as 200 children, as well as many 'children' of a more mature age, took part in the procession. With 16 floats and many other participants it was the biggest we have seen in the village. Well done to everyone who helped with, or took part in, the procession. The floats were superb - there were no losers. It was wonderful to see thousands of friends of these villages enjoying themselves on Carnival Day. The Green was empty at 7.30am and at 7.30pm. In between, there was a hive of activity and many happy, smiling faces. Hopefully, there was plenty to look at and do for all ages. Lynn Stubbs won £190 on Clarabel - other prize winners were announced in the local press. But the real winner of the day was our community. And whether you contribution was to draw a picture to go on the side of a lorry, blow up a balloon or raise/donate £1000+ your contribution was important and valued. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support.

We are indebted to Ken Coates for arranging for the hot air balloon to be on The Green, to Graham Westgate, whose firm donated the first prize in the Grand Draw and the many local organisations who donated goods or services.

Many local organisations had stalls and these may have raised as much as £10,000 between them to continue their good work in the villages. This on top of the money raised by the organising committee, which is likely to be around £8500. Distribution of that money will be as follows: 50% to St Mary's Church Fabric Fund 25% to Friends of Florence Nightingale Hospice 25% to local charities & good causes. Local good causes can write to Gordon Gray using the form provided if they could use a share of the money available.

Thanks are due to an outstanding committee of hard working and enthusiastic volunteers. They are a delight to work with - thank you all. And thanks too to those hardworking members of St Mary's congregation. They are a very special group of people and will be delighted to welcome you in church on a Sunday morning.

Plans are already under way for next year's Carnival on 6 July 2002. The theme, in the year of the Golden Jubilee, will be "Celebrating Britain". Any businesses that would like to be associated with this highly successful event next year can contact the Chairman of the Committee, Gordon Gray, using the form provided. Donations of prizes for next year's Grand Draw or sponsorship of banners to replace ones that were stolen would be especially welcome. So, 'See you at the Carnival' again next year and may God continue to bless us all.

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Carnival Procession

Pictures taken along the procession route

  • Dagnall
  • Ebbrownies_
  • Edlschool
  • Janes
  • Thebell
  • Tractors
  • Wi

Photos from the Field

Pictures taken around Edlesborough Green during the Carnival

  • Ageconcern
  • Balloon
  • Birds_
  • Clarabel
  • Dj
  • Indian
  • Queen
  • Winner

Who Will Benefit?

The Committee of St Mary's Village Carnival is pleased to announce that as a result of the Carnival held on 7 July it has been possible to distribute£8,965among a variety of local good causes. This beats the previous record total of £8,800 (in 1998) and is a result of the tremendous hard work and goodwill of a lot of people throughout our villages. Donations have been made to the following organisations, all of which are active in, or provide services to, our local community:

  • St Mary's Church Fabric Fund
  • Friends of Florence Nightingale House
  • Stoke Mandeville
  • Dagnall School
  • Dagnall Village Hall
  • Eaton Bray Tennis Club
  • Eaton Bray Pre-School Playgroup
  • 2nd Eaton Bray Brownies
  • Eaton Bray Lower School
  • Eaton Bray Senior Citizens
  • 1st Eaton Bray & Edlesborough Scout Group
  • Edlesborough Under 5s
  • Edlesborough School
  • Edlesborough Methodist Church
  • Edlesborough Tennis Club
  • Air Training Corps
  • Bird of Prey Charity
  • The Dove Counselling Service
  • Dunstable & District Scouts
  • Families United Network
  • Hospice at Home Volunteers
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Samaritans
  • Silver Star Society
  • Venture Scouts

The Committee would like to thank all those individuals and businesses who so generously supported the Carnival through their time, money and equipment. We look forward to next year's Carnival on 6th July 2002 when the theme will be Celebrating Britain.

The Organising Committee would be pleased to hear from any individuals or businesses who would like to volunteer their involvement or support. You can get in touch with Gordon Gray using the form provided.

© Focus Magazine 2001

Carnival Queen, Princess & Attendants


Carnival Queen - Lauren Suddaby
Princess - Rosanna Spence
Attendant - Emily Fox
Attendant - Natalie Spence

Carnival Procession

The Winners

Class A: 1st Eaton Bray Brownies

Class B: Dagnall Village School

Class C: The Salvation Army
no image currently available

Class D: Edlesborough Craft Centre
no image currently available

The Complete Results

Class A: Pre-school

  1st 1st Eaton Bray Brownies
  2nd Eaton Bray Pre-School Playgroup
  3rd = Edlesborough Under Fives
    1st Eaton Bray and Edlesborough Scouts

Class B: School Age

  1st Dagnall Village School
  2nd Friends of Edlesborough School
  3rd = Eaton Bray Lower School
    Eaton Bray Youth Club

Class C

  1st The Salvation Army
  2nd Edlesborough W.I.
  3rd = Luton Samaritans
    The Bell P.H.

Class D

  1st Edlesborough Craft Centre
  2nd The Hawkes Family
  3rd = Janes Ltd
    Brilliant Publications

Grand Draw

The winners of this year's Grand Draw prizes are as follows;

Helicopter flight for 4 Graham Westgate Sally-Ann Dale, Edlesborough
£150 M&S Vouchers Leighton Buzzard Observer Tania Rownland, Dunstable
Family ticket to Festival of the Sea BAE Systems Ltd Kate Wheatley, Northall
Family ticket to Festival of the Sea BAE Systems Ltd Harry Quartermaine, Eaton Bray
One year membership @ Hilife, LB. Carl Hobson, Hilife Group Ltd. Clive Hybost, Reading
Dinner for two Corrine Bell, Five Bells, Stanbridge Jean Murch, Dunstable
Service voucher for £50 Chalk Hill Garage Brian Wyke, Edlesborough
Service voucher for £50 Chalk Hill Garage Mr Baker
Ornamental tree and planting Brian McMahon  
Case of wine Howard Schultz & Associates Jenney Ingram, Edlesborough
Meal for two Pendley Manor Hotel Anna Gibbons, Edlesborough
2 hour desktop training Smart Office Solutions Mrs Barker, Eaton Bray
Meal for two Blackhorse, Woburn Ken Coates, Eaton Bray
Glider flight London Gliding Club Anne Crofts, Eaton Bray
Home made chocolates Rumsey's of Aylesbury Mrs Locmelis, Eaton Bray
Hairdressing voucher Gary's Hair Studio Helen Miller, Eaton Bray
Animal Away weekend Illustria Kennels Mrs. Pratt, Northall
Hairdressing voucher Profile Hairdressing Mrs. Taylor, Eaton Bray
Load of rotted manure R & P Flitton Chris Woodley, Stanbridge
Fleece Chalk Hill Garage Joanne Clark, Houghton Regis
Harpers - Try & Taste Harpers, Studham John-Boy
Lunch for two Millefiori, Dunstable Susan Fleming
Ticket for Whipsnade   Mr Young, Eaton Bray
50% off MOT voucher Chalk Hill Garage Kit Kite, Ivinghoe
Ticket for Superbowl, Dunstable   Ms Young