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Carnival 2007 - Favourite Adverts

Looking back at the 2007 Carnival

Peter -bennettWhat a Day! This years Carnival was a record in so many ways. But most of all it seemed like the whole population of the four villages had turned out to celebrate. In the process we raised a staggering £11,000 for local good causes and I say "we" because everyone there deserves credit for the achievement.

Not only did we raise record money but even the worm-charmers achieved a carnival record - 26 worms - congratulations. Many of the stalls sold out and there were queues all day for some of the attractions like the Climbing Wall.

I think we all thought that we would spend the day wet and with mud all over our clothes but not a bit of it. The sun shone for the first time for weeks and, apart from one short shower, the day was dry.

All the results will be found on the Carnival website and so it falls to me to thank all those that attended, all that decorated their houses and all those who gave goods, time and cash to ensure the Carnival's success.

Thanks also to Stephen Rhodes for opening the event and for judging the floats - I know everyone enjoyed his light touch throughout.

Finally, thanks to my magnificent Committee of Chris and Sheila Banks, my wife Eileen, Roger Cook, Sonia Dean, Sue Gladin, Katrina Grant, Gordon Gray, Theo Gray, Bernadette Hillman, Norman and Ann Lee, David Marriage, Heather Martin, Mark Saccoccio, Lin Sargeant, Rebecca Shaw, Peter Thomas, and Roger Wilkinson.

If you have a favourite local good cause please contact me through the website so that they may be considered for a grant from the proceeds of this year's event.

Our web site is - do go there and look at the collection of photographs below - you may see yourself!

If you would like to be involved in the running of Carnival 2008 on July 5th contact us, we would love to hear from you.

-- Peter Bennett - Chairman


Carnival Procession

Pictures taken along the procession route

  • EB01
  • EB14
  • EB16
  • EB17
  • EB19
  • EB20
  • EB23
  • EB27
  • EB28
  • EB29
  • EB31
  • EB32
  • EB33
  • EB34
  • EB35
  • EB36
  • EB37
  • EB38
  • EB39
  • EB40
  • EB41
  • EB66
  • EB68
  • EB71

Carnival Queen

Pictures of the Carnival Queen, Princess and Attendants

  • EB02
  • EB03
  • EB04
  • EB05
  • EB06
  • EB07
  • EB08
  • EB09
  • EB11
  • EB12
  • EB45
  • EB72

Photos from the Field

Pictures taken around Edlesborough Green during the Carnival

  • EB101
  • EB102
  • EB103
  • EB104
  • EB106
  • EB107
  • EB108
  • EB110
  • EB111
  • EB112
  • EB115
  • EB116
  • EB117
  • EB118
  • EB119
  • EB120
  • EB121
  • EB122
  • EB123
  • EB127
  • EB130
  • EB131
  • EB132
  • EB133
  • EB134
  • EB135
  • EB136
  • EB137
  • EB138
  • EB139
  • EB140
  • EB141
  • EB142
  • EB143
  • EB144
  • EB145
  • EB146
  • EB147
  • EB148
  • EB74
  • EB75
  • EB77
  • EB80
  • EB82
  • EB83
  • EB84
  • EB85
  • EB86
  • EB88
  • EB89
  • EB91
  • EB92
  • EB93
  • EB94
  • EB95
  • EB96
  • EB97
  • EB98
  • EB98a
  • EB99

Classic Vehicles

Pictures of the Vintage and Classic Cars, Bikes and Tractors that took part.

  • EB113
  • EB114
  • EB149
  • EB46
  • EB47
  • EB48
  • EB49
  • EB50
  • EB51
  • EB52
  • EB53
  • EB55
  • EB56
  • EB57
  • EB58
  • EB60
  • EB61
  • EB62
  • EB64
  • EB65
  • EB67
  • EB70

Duck Race

Pictures of the Duck Race held 14 July 2007

  • EB734
  • EB735
  • EB736
  • EB737

Carnival Queen, Princess & Attendants

The selection of this year's Carnival Queen, Princess and Attendants took place on Sunday 15th April 2007 in Eaton Bray Village Hall.

Queen   Princess
Melissa Sibley   Bethan Roberts

Emma Baldwin   Katie Neal

Queen Queen _o
1. Melissa Sibley
2. Bethan Roberts
3. Emma Baldwin
4. Katie Neal

If you are aged between 8 and 13 and are either in the congregation of St Mary's Church or you live in Edlesborough, Eaton Bray, Dagnall or Northall, you might like to be chosen next year. If so, application forms are available from Yvonne Ranson.

Queen _all
All of this year's entrants