Information about St Mary's Village Carnival held every year on Edlesborough Green with Carnival Procession starting in Eaton Bray
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Carnival 2014 - Music


5th July 2014

Well, I'm terribly sorry, that wasn't the weather that I ordered, but unlike with internet shopping you can't send it back if you don't like it and we simply had to cope with a mainly wet day until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Fortunately the people in our villages have a good track record with respect to coping with wet weather on Carnival Day so, despite the rain, plenty of people followed the procession onto the Green and it was soon pretty full of folk, young and old, enjoying themselves. There was a lovely atmosphere even in the rain and especially when the sun eventually did come out.

Everyone involved with the Carnival is very grateful for that public show of support for, in truth and behind the scenes this year, the delivery of the event has not been entirely easy with some significant crises having to be resolved in the weeks and days leading up to 5th July. So that's why this year I want to thank first and foremost the members of the Carnival organising committee who work so hard to put on a seamless show; all are volunteers, all give up their time freely. They are: Catherine Evans, Richard Evans, Pete Farrar, Pauline Glen, Brett Marsh, Rebecca Shaw, Bob Stilliard, Sharon Stilliard, Iain Stubbs, Peter Thomas and Andy Tournay, and with a slightly lower though nonetheless important profile: Chris Banks, Theo Gray, Heidi Head, Penny Pataky, Sally Taylor, Tanya Watkin, Roger Wilkinson.

But, of course, for a Carnival like ours there are many, many people who make a huge contribution including: St Mary's stall holders, the ladies and gentlemen in the Tea Tent, those who sold and bought Grand Draw tickets, the heavy gang shifting equipment throughout the weekend, the halls and schools who loan equipment, the people who respond to last minute appeals for help, the road closure team, the individuals and businesses who are so generous with their donations (plus lots more).

And speaking of businesses what a magnificent example Janes gave to local traders on how to use the Carnival to promote what they do. They achieved several hours completely free advertising and had everyone talking; and I should reassure you that the quality of the goods they sell is rather better than the quality of their singing! - I hope we'll see more businesses using the Carnival in a similar way in future.

For me the run up to Carnival is quite a few weeks of intense activity and usually the first time I get a chance to look at the wider picture is midway through Saturday morning when the basic structures of the event have been erected and I gaze over a Green that is filling with people and activity. Then I ride through the village along the procession route and I have to admit that I shed a few tears at all the activity of erecting bunting and decorating gardens. And despite the rain we once again had wonderfully colourful displays for which, for the first time, we awarded gold, silver and bronze certificates.

The trophy winners were: 130 High Street Eaton Bray and 44-46 High Street Edlesborough.

Gold Medal Certificates were awarded to: The above two houses, 9 High Street Eaton Bray, Janes Ltd, 9 The Green and 30 Pebblemoor.

We had some superb floats in the procession; congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to create these masterpieces and special thanks to Iain Stubbs, Will Pratt and TBA who all came to the rescue at very short notice. The role of honour for the procession was:

  • Schools: 1st - Totternhoe Lower School, 2nd - Eaton Bray Academy, 3rd - Edlesborough School
  • Youth Organisations: 1st - 1st Eaton Bray and Edlesborough Scouts, 2nd - GIFT, 3rd - Curtain Call
  • Businesses: 1st - Janes

Among other winners at the Carnival the weekend for 2 in Rome was won by T Jones, from Pitstone and the two items carved by our carver this year were both from Northall - Peter Le Roux and Mr Jones. These two were among many who gave me a wonderfully warm welcome during the two weeks leading up to the Carnival - my sincere thanks to all my neighbours who were so generous.

As I write this in the days after the event there is still plenty of clearing up to do and accounts to be finalised. The headline figure we finally declare will be lower than last year, not just because of the weather but also because of a change in our accounting procedures. Even so, there will be a large sum to distribute to local good causes and, if your organisation would benefit from a donation then please get in touch, via the website

Looking to the future, next year's Carnival will be, as usual, on the first Saturday in July, that's Saturday 4 July 2015. There are spaces on the organising committee and if you feel you have the skills to help organise this tremendous community event then please get in touch with me. I would welcome suggestions for local charities that we could consider to be next year's principal beneficiary and also suggestions of someone to open the event - it was lovely to be able to give Postman Alan one final send off and we wish him a very happy retirement.

I've no doubt that I've forgotten to mention someone important, and if I have then please accept my apologies. Thank you all for your support, your help, and for words of encouragement.

-- Gordon Gray, Carnival Committee Chairman


The following were winners at our Carnival in 2014:



1st - Totternhoe Lower School

2nd - Eaton Bray Academy

3rd - Edlesborough School

Youth Organisations:

1st - 1st Eaton Bray and Edlesborough Scouts

2nd - GIFT

3rd - Curtain Call


1st - Janes


Weekend for 2 in Rome - T Jones, Pitstone


Eaton Bray - 130 High Street

Edlesborough - 44 - 46 High Street

Gold medal Winners:

130 High Street, Eaton Bray

9 High Street, Eaton Bray

44-46 High Street, Edlesborough

Janes, High Street, Edlesborough

9 The Green, Edlesborough

30 Pebblemoor, Edlesborough

Silver Medal Winners:

25-27 Moor End, Eaton Bray

100 High Street, Eaton Bray

96A High Street, Eaton Bray

94 High Street, Eaton Bray

Edlesborough Flowers

23 The Green, Edlesborough


Peter Le Roux - Northall

Jones - Northall


Photos by Eileen Bennett, Harry Day, Eve Greenow, Rose Nightingale.
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