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Who Will Benefit?

Carnival 2018 - Games - 7th July 2018

Carnival 2018Until the early 1990s this event was St Mary's Church Fete, run by the church community, and all the money raised went to the church Fabric Fund. In 1993 the event was expanded into a Village Carnival involving the wider community.

At this time it was decided that only half the money raised would be donated to St Mary's Church Fabric Fund. The other half would be given to various charities and good causes that are active in our communities, usually half to a principal charity and the rest distributed in sums ranging from £50 to £450. In the past 10 years the Carnival Committee has been able to donate over £65,000 to these local good causes.

During the same period an equivalent amount has been given to St Mary'sFabric Fund - just as well because in 2003 the church had a bill for £72,000 for repairs to the stonework and in 2016 we built an extension that provided much needed toilet facilities for the church for the first time in its almost 800 year history.

The principal charities for the 2018 Carnival will be: