Information about St Mary's Village Carnival held every year on Edlesborough Green with Carnival Procession starting in Eaton Bray
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Birds of Bray

Chris and Sue Mitchell have lived in Eaton Bray since 1975 and established "Birds of Bray" over twenty years ago after attending training courses on husbandry and flying of birds of prey and the keeping of just three birds. This has grown over time to the present collection of birds of which many can be seen on display at the Carnival.

Owl from Birds of Bray

Among the birds present you will be able to see the unusual Great Grey Owl, the Petite White Faced Scops Owl the enchanting American Barn Owl and the imposing European Eagle Owl. These will be joined by our Falcons and team of Harris Hawks and of course indigenous species that are also part of our display together with our four Gordon Setter dogs. Falconry dates back many centuries and many of the terms used today have originated from this activity. For example "fed up" which relates to the bird not having the inclination to fly to hunt because he is full of food. Another term is "to come to the end of its tether" which means the bird has come to the end of its training line and needs to be set free. Why not come and visit us on our display and ask the attending falconers any questions you may like to ask about these beautiful birds of prey?

The birds are not camera shy and are very used to being filmed or pictures taken with or without flashes so why not bring your cameras along and take pictures of them at close quarters.