Information about St Mary's Village Carnival held every year on Edlesborough Green with Carnival Procession starting in Eaton Bray
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Carnival Procession

Want to take part in the Procession?

All good carnivals have a procession and St Mary's Village Carnival is no exception. This year there will be a good number of groups marching and travelling on floats. They will also be joined by some classic vehicles on the way to Edlesborough Green. Please take the time to line the route and show your appreciation for the work put in by the people and organisations in the parade.

The timetable for the procession is:

11.15 - Floats assemble in The Orchards, Eaton Bray 

If you are delivering children to a float please don't attempt to drive into The Orchards.

  • Floats for schools will be located on the RH branch of The Orchards. Park in Northall Road, walk up The Comp and take the footpath to the Orchards
  • Floats for uniformed organisations will be on the LH branch of The Orchards. Park in the Rye Recreation Ground Car Park, walk up Dyers Lane and take the footpath into The Orchards

11.40 - Judging of the floats

12.15 - Winners announced and rosettes presented

12.30 - Procession leaves The Orchards

~1.15-1.30 - Procession arrives at Edlesborough Green

The Procession will follow its usual route along Eaton Bray High Street then turning into Moor End, The Green, Brownlow Avenue and Pebblemoor before entering Edlesborough Green.

However, when the procession reaches the shops in Edlesborough, the Classic Vehicles in the procession will continue up Edlesborough High Street entering the green via Pebblemoor. Hopefully this will enable the floats in the procession to close up so that it enters the green with the participants close together. (We shall see!)

Local organisations will be in procession with collection buckets, so please give generously.